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IASLIC demands for setting up IILIS

IASLIC demands for setting up Indian Institute of Library and Information Sciences

Dear Professional Friends
We all are aware that the Working Group on Libraries under National Knowledge Commission (NKC) in its Report to the Nation (2006-2009)  entitled “Libraries: Gateway to Knowledge – A Roadmap for Revitalization” recommended the formation of Indian Institute of Library and Information Science (IILIS) of national importance along with other nine major recommendations on libraries. In pursuance of this, a High Level Committee National Mission on Libraries (NML) has been set up by the Government of India. It is extremely heartening to us (IASLIC) with the hope that this NML would give due importance in implementing all ten major recommendations including setting up the Indian Institute of Library and Information Science (IILIS) of national importance which is very vital for education and research for both high speed generation and use of knowledge needed for brining a structural change in the economy. IASLIC feels that the IILIS is absolutely the need of hour for the profession of Library and Information Science to fulfill its role as a corner stone of the knowledge society. I am sure; all of our fellow professionals and professional associations would bear the same feelings in their heart.
But unfortunately NML has not taken yet any positive step to this effect. At least we could not find any such prominent effort on the part of NML. Thus we, on behalf of IASLIC, wrote to the Hon’ble Prime Minister expressing our demand in this regard and also approached to Dr Barun Mukherjee, Hon’ble MP (Rajya Shabha) to help Library Professionals of India. IASLIC is ever grateful to Dr Mukherjee for taking up this matter and also for putting forward a demand in the Parliament on 14.08.2013

“Dr Barun Mukherjee (West Bengal) : Sir, I would urge upon the Minister of Culture to set up a National Institute of Library and Information Science as is being demanded by thousands of library professionals  and has been recommended by the National Knowledge Commission (NKC) constituted in 2005 initiated by the Prime Minister and headed by Mr Sam Pitroda. The Working Group of Libraries under NKC in its Report entitled “Libraries: Gateway to Knowledge – A Roadmap for revitalization” recommended in 2006 the formation of Indian Institute of Library and Information Science of national importance.
With the growing technological development and advancement in research and studies, library and information science have assumed added importance. To feed the need of expertise for the purpose, a national institute for studies, research and training is essential, which we are lacking till now, particularly in the field of public library. Although LIS courses up to Post Graduate and Ph D levels are offered in many of the universities, overall guiding model at the national level is yet to be developed. NKC has, therefore recommended NILIS as a nodal body. But this is yet to be implemented by the Government. Even it is not known whether the recommendation has been rejected, and, if so, why?  LIS is now a full grown professional subject, having its exclusive Encyclopedia in the International Market. When other professional subjects are having apex academic bodies, why not the LIS?
I, therefore, request the Ministry of Culture to take necessary steps to set up the NILIS at an early date.”

Dr Pijushkanti Panigrahi, Professor , Dept of Lib and Inf Science, 3rd Floor Asutosh Building, University of Calcutta, 87/1 College tStreet,Kolkata - 700 073, West Bengal, India, email : panigrahipk@yahoo.com, panigrahipk11@gmail.com,   (M) : +91 94342 43522.

General Secretary, Indian Association of Special Libraries and Information Centres (IASLIC), P-291, CIT Scheme No 6M , Kankurgachi, Kolkata – 700 054, India; Associate Editor, IASLIC Bulletin ;

Member, Library Committee, The Asiatic Society, Kolkata.

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